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Meals on Wheels by any other name

Meals on Wheels is the most recognized name brand of senior nutrition programs.  But other senior meal programs by various names are in many communities in the U.S. and around the world and often go by names other than Meals on Wheels(a generic term generally reserved for home delivered meal programs).  While Meals on Wheels programs are delivered to the home, seniors may also find congregate meal programs at local senior centers, churches, or community centers.  

Many communities have both Meals on Wheels and congregate senior meal programs through senior centers available to local residents. You should always contact your local meal program directly to find out what services are offered. Search meal program locations to find one near you. If you don’t find one exactly in your area, search nearby towns. If you still don’t find one, contact us and we will attempt to find one for you.

Whether it’s a “Meals-on-Wheels” program, a senior nutrition program, a public senior meal program or a private meal program, all are important and contribute to senior nutrition and health.  MealCall helps seniors and family members connect with local programs. 

MealCall also helps find volunteers for Meals-on-Wheels delivery, meal preparation, fundraising, administrative support, and helps public and private senior meal programs in their community outreach raise awareness of senior meal programs in the community. 

Find – A senior Meals-on-Wheels or other senior meal program near you.

Volunteer – Your time to help deliver Meals-on-Wheels dinners, help at local congregate meal sites, do fundraisers, or help with administrative requirements.

Other ways you can help – No matter who you are, you can help out. Learn more about working with MealCall and your local senior meal programs.

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