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Depression help and resources

Understanding Depression
If you frequently feel sad, irritable, fatigued, overwhelmed… you may be suffering from depression, a serious mental disorder. Try this self-assessment and take it to your doctor.
Read our guides about the various symptoms of depression that can affect men, women, and older adults. It’s possible that you may benefit from our antidepressant, Lexapro.

Natural Medicine – for Depression
Clinically proven to relieve depression without nasty side effects. Over 80% success rate. Safe, effective and 100% natural. Does not cause weight gain, sexual dysfunction, or dependence.

Guaranteed Remedy for Depression
Try risk free. The dietary supplement for positive mental health. Costs less than your daily cup of coffee.  No side effects or prescription. Money back guarantee.

Growth Central
Growth Central Depression Individual Program – NYC. Real solution depression workbook – immediate download, soft cover. Effective and empirically based.

Feel Serenity – For Depression
Finally, an effective mood enhancer with no side effects. Using lithium in its natural form only, Serenity will improve your mood without lowering your energy levels.

Disability Income
If you are unable to work due to severe depression, you may qualify for disability income.

My Self Help
Interactive, online program with information, tools and exercises to help you overcome depression. Moderated discussion board provides help and support. Recommended by therapists worldwide.

New York Psychotherapy Collective
A free referral service to psychotherapists in New York City, staffed by therapists.

NLP Training
The highly trained staff of the NLP Center of New York, led by NYS licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Rachel Hott, Ph.D. provides therapy for depression. Located in Manhattan.

Learn more about depression. Symptoms, causes and options for feeling better.
“2005 Most Welcome Gift.” Slow down, sit back, release into exquisite relaxation, soothing stress, depression, PTSD National expert: NBC, ABC, Fortune 500 and Mayo Clinic.

Whole Health Products
Read the latest research on these natural mental health products. Get the facts without the hype. Whole Health Products – save 60-70% – 99% ships in 24 hours.

ANXIUS: A natural, effective antidepressant. Relieve depression, anxiety and chronic stress safely. No side effects and not addictive. Guaranteed results or your money back. FedEx shipping.