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Blindness low vision software and services

Find blindness low vision software and services

Adaptive Technology Consulting
Provides, installs and trains in the use of equipment for the blind, visually impaired and individuals with reading difficulties.

Ai Squared Low vision products and software
Developer of screen magnification and screen reading software, including Zoom Text Xtra, Zoom Text for DOS and VisAbility.

Manufactures mobility canes for the visually impaired and the disabled community.

Big Type Company
Large print date calendars, address books, check registers and bold ink 20/20 pens.
Offers accessible freeware and shareware downloads for the visually impaired.

C Tech – Distributor of low vision products and adaptive technology for the blind, visually impaired and learning disabled.

Christal Vision – Low vision products for the visually impaired.

Colligo – Features document scanning solutions that convert text to speech as well as audio books.

Enhanced Vision – Developer of innovative products including the Jordy, a portable, video magnification system worn like a pair of goggles. – Online retailer of magnifiers, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and other optical accessories.

Henter-Joyce – Offers screen reading and magnification software, Braille note takers, embossers and displays, scanning and reading software/hardware, learning systems software.

HumanWare – Provides Braille, speech, magnification solutions for people with reading, or visual disabilities.

Independent Living Aids – Distributor of aids to the visually handicapped. Timepieces, telephones, cooking tools, magnifiers, reading machines, sound amplifiers, and personal care products.

Indigo Instruments – Manufactures magnifying glasses, linen testers, loupes, and geology lenses.

Lifestyle Pinhole Glasses – See clearly without strain using pinhole glasses. No glass lens, and no prescription.

Low Vision Associates (NYC) – Helping patients with the latest on low vision, whether from injury, aging, glaucoma, macular degeneration, albinism, retinitus pigmentosa, diabetes or other, specialty lenses or contacts may help.

Magnifico – Features a broad range of magnifiers and low-vision aids.

The Magnifying Center – Retailer of optical and non-optical devices for the visually impaired. Products include magnifiers, daily living aids, electronic reading technology (CCTV’s), integrated reading machines, and screen enlargers. Several retail locations in Florida.

Mirror Place – Magnifying makeup mirrors (5X) that allow you to see clearly to apply makeup without glasses. Mirrors designed by an eye doctor in response to his patients’ needs.

National Braille Factory – Converts text documents into Braille including business cards, coloring books, and greeting cards.

Optelec – Features a complete line of magnifiers, vision aids and Braille products.

Pentronics – Services Braille equipment and CCTV reading magnifiers in Australia. Develops software for Braille music translation and tactile graphics.

Portset Internet Services – Products include web browser, teletype, document reader, and typewriter, all with speech synthesis.

Practical Solutions – Acrylic 5X magnifying mirrors to eliminate the need to wear glasses or contact lenses when applying makeup.

Seeing With Sound – Offers an experimental system for translating live camera images into sounds that a blind person hears via stereo headphones.

Sierra Custom Cutting – Features writing guides for those with low vision.

Sight Sheet – Fold-out vision aid that can be attached to any reading material to magnify print. Can also be used on computer screens.

Sight Connection – Offers products selected by their low vision specialists who work with people with impaired vision every day.

Special Ed Solutions – Adaptive equipment for blind, visually-impaired, and multiply-impaired children.

Sylvana Belle Eyes – Magnifying makeup eyeglasses that permit corrected vision in both eyes while applying makeup.

Tactile Vision – A raised printing method that produces easily readable, non-embossed non-residue tactile graphics and Braille.

Telesensory – Manufactures optical devices for people with low vision. Products include video magnifiers (CCTVs), scanners (OCR), and screen magnifiers.

Ultra Optix – Manufactures magnifiers and low vision optical aids, including lighted loupes, book lights, and pop-up pocket lenses.

Visual-Tech Connection – Sales of Telesensory Aladdin Low Vision Aids, including video magnifiers and reading machines.