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Baby Boomer Websites

Baby Boomer HQ – If you love nostalgia and the way things were growing up, stop by.

Boomer Cafe – Not the usual Boomer fair but tons of interesting things for people with a brain and varied interests. – This site was created to collect and display memories of Baby Boomers.  Cool stuff you thought that you forgot about.

Boomernet – Mike Bellah is a terrific writer that must be experienced.  His take on life and being a middle-ager is refreshing packed full of wisdom.

Fifties Website – If you are old enough to remember the 50’s then you can spend hours here – The official site of Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus.  A pretty good place for American’s to hang out too.

Grand Times Seniors’ Site – Grand Times a unique weekly magazine published for active older adults. Controversial, entertaining and informative, we celebrate life’s opportunities and examine life’s challenges.