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Air purification/cleaner HEPA Ion Ionizers

Air purification/cleaner HEPA Ion Ionizers 

Oreck Air Purifier XL carries air cleaners and purifiers. Browse our selection to make the air in your home cleaner and your breathing easier. 0% interest for 12 months. Visit us online today.

Sharper Image Air Purifier
Official Web site of The Sharper Image. Buy Ionic Breeze air purifiers that silently clean and circulate air while reducing allergens.

Surround Air
Multi-Tech combines 6 proven purification technologies in one unit. Includes HEPA/carbon filters for dust/chemicals, germicidal UV to destroy micro-organisms and ionizer.

Breathe easier and healthier with a complete whole house air treatment system from Puritec.
Austin Air purifiers, IQ Air Honeywell Quietcare. Remove smoke, odors, allergens and pollutants.

Quality Ozone & IQ Air HEPA
Many leading air purifiers use small amounts of ozone to purify air. Ozone generators have the ability to sterilize surfaces and purify the air; eliminating odor sources with oxidation.
If you were to purchase a single product to help you avoid airborne allergens, a HEPA air purifier would be it. Find Airfree, Austin, Blueair air purifiers and more. Free shipping.

Ionic Zone
Removable dust collector plates plus washable filters. 25 pins. Five stage air cleaning system, 2 free washable filters included save you hundreds.

To purify means to kill. Our products kill bacteria and mold. Not all units can do that. Read about the facts of on our site.