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Privacy Policy

Why We Ask For Information

We require certain basic information in order to contact you and to appropriately answer questions and supply information that you request.  Without this information, we cannot communicate or supply you with information related to your question.  

Your Privacy

Your privacy and the privacy of meal services clients are very important to us and information that you supply will not be disclosed to anyone outside of MealCall for any reason, except as may be required by law (Note: we have never been required to do so).  

Neither will we spam you or provide your information to others.  We hate spam and think you probably do too. 

We won’t contact you to ask for donations.  We don’t accept donations and you probably have plenty of other places to spend it.  It is however, entirely possible that we may send certain prescreened materials to you through our organization that we believe may be of interest to you.  

Other Collected Data

Our web servers collect information that is relevant to your visit to  This information is not personal and is intermingled with other data for the purposes of determining how people use our site, where they come from and what kind of information they are looking for.  This information is used in determining gross user statistics so that we can make our site better and more useable.  Information may also be stored on a cookie on your computer so that we know who has visited us more than once.  

This kind of data is not personal in nature and cannot be used to ever contact you directly or determine any clicking behavior off of  You will find in most cases that such material is collected on most sites and that MealCall probably collects far less data than most other sites that you visit.

Outside Links may link to outside websites from time to time.  We do not control the privacy policies of any other site and we suggest that you review any privacy policy before disclosing any information to anyone.  Neither do we control the advertising policies or content of those sites.  If we determine that any site we link to has policies that invade the privacy of the viewer or become abusive to the user’s computer, we will remove that link.  While we periodically review our links, things on the Internet change quickly and we do not take responsibility for any content not provided directly by and specifically on our website.  

MealCall reserves the rights to make modifications to this information but will not do so in any way that would be used to violate your privacy or that of those that you may refer to in your contact to us.