Meals on Wheels & Senior Meal Programs

How you can help


  • Business sponsorship – Our sponsors support our program here at MealCall through initiatives within their organization.  Contact us for more information about working together to support senior meal programs.  .
  • Media help – if you are involved in the media, we would appreciate any help you can give in getting the word out.  We will be preparing additional resources but currently have a PSA online that can be run.
  • Volunteer your personal services – Contact your local meal delivery site and volunteer your labor and/or expertise.  We bet that you won’t have to make more than one phone call to find a place where you are needed.
  • Business volunteerism – Team with to help build your internal employee volunteer program.
  • Make a donation – Cash is needed to fund local Senior Meals programs.  Contact your local Senior Meal program and make your donation directly.