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Volunteers within your company

Myth: Only large companies need to be concerned with their community image or social issues.

Reality: Every company needs to be concerned for several reasons. SME’s (small to medium size enterprises) often don’t have the resources that larger companies do when it comes to PR and community image.

Both are however, critical to a company’s long-term growth plans.Most sales contracts are not forgone conclusions. There are often small nuances that make the difference and one of the largest contributors to the vendor decision making process is perception of the company prospects. Knowledge that a particular vendor participates in social programs is one huge motivator to do business.

Where companies used to be able to only look inside themselves to grow and build PR, business owners and managers are now starting to realize that volunteerism is the key to building a sound foundation within their own group of employees, the communities they serve, and part of the basis for building the case for prospect clients.

Volunteerism is one of the easiest and effective ways to show that your company is committed to communities, that it plans to be around a long time, and that the philanthropic attitude is more than just the willingness to write a check… that it means personal involvement from the top down.

More than ever, the public and press scrutinize a companies activities in terms of its social and philanthropic endeavors and build their opinions of that business with those services in mind.

Public perceptions of a company’s social involvement have a direct impact on treatment of the business within the press, a willingness to invest in the business, prospect development, key management acquisition, and employee retention and moral.

Find out more information on the business case for social and financial in community programs like Meals-on-Wheels.

Don’t just take our word for it either.  Here you will find some great information off site about how volunteerism affects your company, inside and out:

BSR White Paper
BSR talks about how volunteerism is a key component in their social investment program.  It also highlights some of the business benefits, what they have done lately and provides some great examples and sample policies on volunteer programs.

Cone Corporate Citizenship Study
Do Americans require social responsibility?  You bet!  This according to the Cone Corporate Citizenship Study.  Companies that people do business with are expected to support social programs far more after September 11th 2001 and they are far more willing to support companies that do.  More importantly, they are willing to penalize companies that don’t.

PWC Sustainability Survey
One of the top three sustainability initiatives, investing your company resources in community, employee volunteerism that is sponsored through employers is key to long-term growth.

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