Meals on Wheels & Senior Meal Programs

About Mealcall went live in November of 2003, and is founded by volunteers to do several things:

  • Help people find local senior meal programs
  • Help local meal programs recruit volunteers
  • Help businesses develop corporate sponsorship and volunteer programs for senior meal programs.

In August of 2004, MealCall added Meals on Wheels Canada to our services and will expand further in the coming year.  As MealCall grows, we will be adding more functions to help Senior Meal programs increase their efficiencies and services, and financially participate with local programs.

MealCall is organized as a group of volunteers who specialize in certain areas such as publication, technology, and marketing.  By leveraging these areas for Senior Meal programs nationwide, MealCall helps to fill the awareness gap and therefore reduce the amount of work that they must do to get the word out.  MealCall helps them do what they do best.

Local Meals-On-Wheels and other non-profit meal organizations are set up all over the world, and they help fill the need that many frail and recovering seniors have by providing nutritious meals.  Most are in need of volunteers and funding to help provide meals to seniors.  

Meals on Wheels programs and other Senior Meal organizations are looking for help from people whose duty of service to seniors, and a desire to give back to their community give them the inspiration to share some of their time with those that need it most.

Donations – MealCall does not accept private donations.  We prefer that you make this through your local organization who can use it better than we can.  If you do not have a local organization to donate to or would like us to make a recommendation, please contact us and we will put you in contact with an organization that is in need.

Membership – MealCall is not a membership organization.  We do not charge local Meals-On-Wheels or other meal locations to join our list or for our services.  Nor do we charge the public for using the site. is privately supported through volunteer efforts, the efforts of several small businesses that lend their time, expertise, and resources as a matter of public good will, and through sponsorships of this website.

Sponsorships – MealCall does not specifically recommend the services or products of any given sponsor.  We will attempt to only use sponsors whose products and services are of value to seniors or family caregivers, and where there is no question of the integrity of the organization’s business practices and pricing.  However, as with doing business with any merchant, you should always do your own checking and make your own determinations.