Meals on Wheels & Senior Meal Programs

Teenage Volunteers

Youth volunteers are especially welcome to volunteer with most Senior Meals programs.  School Beta Clubs, church youth groups, 4-H, and other civic-minded youth groups are a necessary part of volunteer programs today and tomorrow.  By volunteering at a young age, teens understand the necessity and value of the services that they perform and carry this knowledge into their adult lives.  Teens that volunteer today will become the civic leaders and base for our society in the future.

Youth groups that volunteer are especially vital and very welcome by most Senior Meal programs.  While there may be some limitations on their activities for liability reasons, congregate meal sites often need servers, prep, and cleanup help.  Meal delivery sites need staff to prep meals for delivery, handle routine clerical functions, make phone calls and more.  These are just some of the jobs that Senior Meal locations need help with.

Note:  Some programs may require that groups of student/teen volunteers work with a parent, teacher, or other youth leader.  Check with your local organization to see what and if they have any age restrictions

Youth that volunteers in Senior Meal programs learn a lot:

1) They learn that to give back to their community is the best use of their time and that which rewards them as much as it does the people that they serve.

2) They learn to look outwards instead of inwards.  People are at their best when they are giving, at their worst when they are demanding from others.

3) Teens learn that seniors aren’t just old people, they are people with whom they have more in common than they would have otherwise dreamed.

4) Teens learn leadership skills through working together for a common good cause.