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Personal Medical Alarms Provider Directory

Personal Medical Alarms for personal safety

Lifeline Personal Medical Alarms
The choice of more hospitals, doctors, nurses, professional caregivers and caring families like yours for 30 years. Enjoy independent living and peace of mind, with the press of a button.

American Medical Alarms
American Medical Alarms, listed in AARP’s “My Generation” magazine as a resource for personal alarms, provides a personal alarm that seniors use if they fall or have a medical emergency.
The “Original” AARP and AAA member special.

Vital Link
Get help in an emergency 24/7 at the touch of a button in case of falls. 22-year-old company
Nationwide medical alarm service providing peace of mind, security, and independence in a simple and easy-to-use system with a tiny and lightweight button.

Personal security site. Premium stun guns, pepper spray and alarms. Huge selection. 30-day money back guarantee. Stop by the Planet.
Telemergency phone dialers, heart pendants, dog bark key chain remote, wireless weatherproof panic transmitter and more. No hassle returns and satisfaction guarantee at

Self Defense Products
We offer several styles of personal alarms at discounted prices.

Self Defense
At our personal alarms come with such features as up to 130 decibel sounds and flashing lights for safety in security.

All Protection
Child-safe alarms, window alarms, door stop alarms, personal alarms. 24 online ordering with credit card.

Security, Safety, Self-Defense Products
Huge variety of portable alarms, motion alarms, pepper sprays, police batons, stun guns, tazers, surveillance cameras, safety products and more.

Be Safe Plus
Products for your peace of mind. Headbands, bandanas, garden hats and wrist bands with cooling crystals, first aid kits, emergency ID jewelry, projection clocks and more.
A wide variety of unique safety products, including trifield meters, security alarms, personal alarms, Child Guardian, pool alarms, cabinet guards, door monitors, zeropa and more.