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Legal Will – Last will and testament software and legal services

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Legacy Writer
Write a last will and testament yourself online, then download and print it. Fast, simple, and secure. Developed by attorneys. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Legal Zoom
Prepare a customized legal will online at lawyer-free prices. Our legal center was created by a team of experienced attorneys. Answer a few questions and we will take care of the rest.

Law Depot
Easily create your own last will and testament with our easy-to-use, online system. Simply fill out the online form then print. Avoid costly legal fees. Save time and money.

It’s My Life
Make your will today. Fast, friendly and secure. Easy-to-use wizard. Plain English. Design and print your will instantly. Discount for couples.

Wills for America 
Prepare your will online and print out signature ready. USA and Canada. You can even view your sample will before you buy. Do you know about joint and mutual wills?

US Legal Forms
With preparing legal documents has never been easier. Choose from over 36,000 state specific legal forms online and prepare your documents in seconds. Free Previews.

Standard Legal
Create a last will and testament without costly attorney fees. Standard Legal Software provides all necessary forms, detailed instructions. Up-to-date, legal and valid in all states.

Free Business Forms
This do-it-yourself will kit contains all the documents to successfully prepare your own last will and testament. Easy instructions with toll-free help line. Legal in all states.

Florida Tax Attorney
We can minimize estate taxes and avoid probate. Let us prepare your wills, living trusts, powers of attorney and living wills, for Florida and nationwide. No-obligation consultation.

Create My Will
Register, download and print. It’s that easy. Save time and money now.

Attorney Find
Find directory of attorneys that draft legal wills, with links to their e-mail and websites, for your free viewing. Click here…

Legal Deeds
Completing the online questionaire takes only five minutes. You receive a completed legal will by e-mail, for any Canadian Province, within minutes. LegalDeeds is a member of the BBB.
Last will form; just register, fill out our online questionnaire, and system creates a quality legal document customized for you in seconds. No sales tax, no shipping charges.

Managing Money
Our legal center offers over 10 will types for all 50 states.

Bridge One Legal
Draft a will for you and your family without costly legal fees. For pennies a day, you can be speaking to a lawyer in less than 24 hours.

Find Legal Forms
Find all types of low cost will forms for all states and much more at All form packages can be downloaded and include simple instructions. 100% money-back guarantee.